YOLO Witnesses Jia Ling’s Jaw-Dropping Body Transformation

Based on the 2014 Japanese film 100 Yen Love, YOLO chronicles the story of Du Le Ying (Jia Ling), an unemployed (and obese) woman who has stayed at home for many years. After a chance encounter with boxing coach Hao Kun (Lei Jiayin), she is aspired to tackle the various challenges in her life.

Jia Ling as Du Le Ying

Narratively, YOLO is ultimately a film about self love, rather than a film solely about losing weight. For the role of Du Le Ying, Director Jia Ling shed over 50kg during the filming of YOLO, and the transformative performance is utilised as an effective tool to accentuate the cathartic moments experienced by the protagonist. As a relentless star showcase, the film displays Jia Ling’s commendable range as a performer. 

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Heavily inspired by films such as Rocky and Creed, YOLO has its fair share of clichés, but they are handled well by a confident filmmaker who is in control of the direction of her film. With heartfelt characterisation, dark humour, and a well-crafted fight sequence, YOLO proves that the combination of boxing and underdogs is still an efficient mix. Jia Ling’s sophomore directorial effort delivers a tried-and-true formula that’s infused with an identity of its own. 


Conversely, YOLO’s pacing is on the slow side and the story constantly shift lanes between comedy and melodrama. As a result, the momentum of the film suffers, and tone mishaps are adamant during the viewing experience. In addition, the film also leans heavily into crude humour (fat jokes, mostly) which could be perceived as inappropriate by today’s standard.  

All in all, YOLO remains a highly entertaining film that tells a tale of commitment, endurance, and self-discovery. Utilising a jaw-dropping body transformation to emphasize on the importance of self-love and resilience​​, Jia Ling delivers a film that’s bound to delight. YOLO is a knockout.